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Why should you hire an interior designer?

For the same reason you hire any professional who is an expert in their field. An interior designer is knowledgeable about safety and accessibility issues, building codes, ergonomics and acoustics as they relate to the spaces people inhabit. Designers address psychological as well as aesthetic issues, understanding human behavior and needs regarding the way a space is experienced by the occupants and how it functions. All aspects of a building interact with each other, and decisions made in the beginning can determine the success of the completed venture. Bringing an interior designer into your team early in the design process can add value to your project even before final architectural drawings are completed or construction begins.

Are you knowledgeable of all the latest trends, materials and products in the design industry? Your designer will:

· Have updated information on new materials, technology, & product performance

· Assist you in making informed decisions

Do you have the time to find just the right carpeting, paint, accessories, furniture, tile, appliances, and all the other details that make your home a sanctuary? An interior designer will:

· Save you time, frustration and hassle

· Present unique or custom furnishings that you won’t find everywhere else

· Address safety, ergonomic and acoustic requirements

· Prepare documents and specifications

Have you ever purchased a new piece of furniture that, once it was delivered, was the wrong size or color or pattern for your home? An interior designer can help you:

· Avoid costly mistakes

· Avoid impractical or unnecessary purchases

Are you intimidated by the sheer scope of the work you need done in your home? You can rely on your interior designer to:

· Manage your entire project, including interior specifications & installation

· Solve problems & find design solutions

· Provide an objective point of view & expertise in interior functional requirements, products & aesthetics

· Anticipate a long-term view of your situation, not merely a current ‘snapshot’

· Meet your requirements & satisfy your budget


Our designs will reflect your personality.

Our designs will reflect your personality.

Scope of Services

Whether you are planning your dream home from the ground up or simply polishing an existing space, Hale-Williams Interior Design is your ideal choice for design assistance. Our goal is to create a space that is uniquely yours, a place that will invite you to settle in and be at home.
Our services include:

· Identifying and analyzing your needs and goals

· Working in conjunction with architect to design new construction or remodel

· Liaison with architects, builders, craftsmen and vendors

· Remodeling and design supervision

· Exploring and recommending resources, suppliers and trades people

· Project management

· Planning your space and furniture arrangements

· Designing cabinetry and storage for libraries, offices, closets, bedrooms, etc

· Furniture design

· Developing lighting plans and specifying fixtures, designing custom lighting fixtures

· Planning kitchens, baths, home theaters and outdoor living spaces

· Advising on tile and design layouts for a variety of applications

· Facilitating gorgeous wall, window, floor and ceiling treatments

· Researching and procuring or designing unique furnishings

· Specifying extraordinary finishes and hardware for fixtures and millwork

· Outfitting kitchens, baths, offices, etc.

· Editing furniture and collections

· Art consultation

· Designing art and collection displays, cataloging and organizing collections

· Consultation for new home purchase

· Implementing color schemes with ‘wow’ power

· Adding finishing touches with personality-filled accessories and art

· Stocking refrigerator, pantry, bar, etc

· Supervising maintenance of home or office

· Holiday decoration and display design and implementation

· Party visualization, designing and coordination